Flex Super Wide Duct Tape

This is no ordinary duct tape! In fact, it’s up to 300% wider than standard 1.88” duct tape. It has a tough reinforced backing, and a powerful, thick rubber adhesive that provides maximum bonding strength* to almost any surface.

Flex Super Wide Duct Tape is removable, repositionable, and can be torn by hand (vertically and horizontally), so there’s no waste. Plus, it’s water**, weather, and UV resistant. It comes in a 7.5” size as well as a 4.6’’ size. Both are 20 ft long.

Perfect for:

• Reinforcing boxes

• General household repairs and DIY projects

• Sealing drafty windows, doors or awnings

• Tears in furniture, tents or fabric

• Temporary auto & RV repairs

• Securing cords and wires***

• A/C units & duct work

• Arts & crafts

• And much more

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: *May not bond to certain siliconized material, water-repellent surfaces, some porous surfaces, such as raw unpainted wood, concrete, cinder block, and brick; or if the surface has grease, oil, dirt, or debris. **Not intended to be applied on wet surfaces or continuously submerged underwater. ***Not be used as an electrical tape.

Flex Super Wide Duct Tape
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