Flex Caulk

Flex Caulk is our latest innovation in caulking technology. It’s a high-performance, hybrid polymer caulk, delivered through our Adjustable Trigger Flow Nozzle™, which eliminates the need for a caulking gun and allows you to control the flow of caulk. Just adjust the flow setting and push the trigger for a perfect bead. And when you stop, it stops. There's no running, no dripping, and no mess. 


• Adjustable Trigger Flow Nozzle™.

• Advanced hybrid polymer formulation.

• Seals out water, air, and moisture.

• Extremely durable and lasts for years.

• Fully paintable.

• 100% waterproof and weatherproof.

• UV, chemical, and mildew resistant.

• Adheres to virtually any surface, wet or dry.

• Use indoors or outdoors.

• Won’t shrink, crack, or become brittle.

• “Snap & Save” cap eliminates waste.

• Solvent-free and virtually odorless.

• Perfect for hard-to-reach areas.

• Available in WHITE and CLEAR.

Excellent for: bathrooms, kitchens, sinks, showers, toilets, backsplashes, countertops, baseboards, moulding, pipes, skylights, windows, doors, auto and boat repairs, and more.